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On the morning of 05/8/2017, a workshop entitled “Multi-channel Customer Service” organized by Kent International College and NZNJobAcademy has attracted more than a hundred young people and employees.

Workshop speaker is Ms. Nguyen Thanh Giang – Senior Director of the Multi-channel Customer Service and Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Customer Service and Development. At the beginning of her career, one of the most important terminology that is being used most frequently is the term “customer satisfaction”.


Throughout 18 years of experience, this value has changed into a new level that suits the needs of the developing world, and thus, the term “customer experience” is born and is used more extensively. According to her, in any business, customer service and customer support are amongst the most important factors contributing to the development of a sustainable business. Vietnam and other countries in the Indochina region are now well aware of the importance of this industry and are building a professional multi-channel customer support system for their businesses.

The 2-month training program “Multi-channel Customer Service” is specifically designed to equip young people with essential knowledge and required skills to effectively work for the Customer Service Department in any organization.

Ms. Nguyen Hoang Diem, who is also a leading expert in the field with 10 years of experience, currently is Head of Customer Service, Marketing and Sales of DKSH Vietnam. At the same time, she is also the co-founders of the Association of Customer Service and Development with the participation of more than 50 enterprises in the industry. After more than 10 years of working and starting a career from scratch, she thinks that this industry is growing and has great potential for development in the near future.

According to the salary/income survey conducted by the prestigious Adecco organization in 2017, the turnover of the Customer Service staff will fluctuate around 8,000,000 VND and 14,000,000 VND per month. This salary level is only for trained employees, who has acquired sophisticated knowledge, and who has ability to handle customer requests flexibly.

The Multi-Channel Customer Service program, which is developed by Kent International College in partnership with NZNJobAcademy, is one of the most prestigious programs in the industry at the moment. After graduation, students are expected to work in a professional, large-scale environment, and will have the opportunity for further development at any company.

On the business side, the corporate image and the customer service quality will be significantly improved if they recruited employees who have undertaken this course. And as the result, the number of loyal customers will considerably increase overtime as well as its competitive advantage; the company would also reduce the cost of recruiting, training and retaining talents.


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