Why Choose Us – Kent International College

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Kent International College has obtained approvals from USA, and Singaporean Quality Assurance institutions; and licensed by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to deliver Advanced Diploma. Graduates of these programmes can either progress into international universities to obtain bachelor’s degree or enter the workforce.

Tailored Academic Pathways

Kent International College’s students can choose to study in Vietnam or pursue the “2+2” program: 2 years in Vietnam and 2 years abroad. Our students have successfully transferred to renowned universities such as Webster University, James Cook University Singapore, Leeds Beckett University, RMIT.

Financial Advantage

Saving up to 70% on tuition fees and living expenses compared to studying abroad.

Optimal Learning Environment

Maximum classroom size of 20 students ensures that each student receives all the supports that they need and enable effective ‘Problem based Learning’ method.

Teaching Method

‘Problem based Learning’ method focuses on direct, productive interactions between students and between students and lecturers, encourage students to develop critical thinking, creativity, problem solving skills and leadership through presentations, group discussion, practical case studies… Students are equipped with most up-to-date knowledge, skills and industry practices to foster their utmost potentials..

Lecturers’ Profile

Our lecturers are seasoned business experts and hold important positions at major corporations in their field of expertise.

Practical Curriculum

Our graduates are regarded highly by employers for their adaptability, pro-activeness, professionalism and problem solving skills that enable them to perform well at work with minimum need for training.

Proven Quality

80% of graduates successfully found employment and 20% pursued further study overseas and in Vietnam.

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