Chancellor’s Message – Kent International College

Chancellor’s Message

Let me start by saying what a great honour it is for me to be the Chancellor of KIC and on behalf of the whole KIC Community – a partnership of Students, Teachers, Supporting Staff, Directors, Parents and Benefactors, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the College.

You will be joining us at an exciting time in our planned development as an International College of distinction with high academic standards and an excellent reputation for the quality of our students’ experience. KIC is a vibrant Academic Community with excellent scholarly standards and high ambition.We are proud of our past, confident in our present and excited about our future.Our graduates have made genuinely life-changing advances in their education and careers as a direct result of studying at KIC.

We have academic partnerships so that our programmes provide academic opportunities for students to continue their studies and engage in international experiences with globally renowned UK and Australian Universities.

All these elements – outstanding teaching, support, flexibility and choice in programmes, and extra-curricular benefits – come together to create a transformational experience that will not only ennrich your life forever, but will also be relevant to employer needs and expectations of a 21st Century Graduate.I hope you will quickly feel part of our quite unique Community and seize the many opportunities to develop a zest for lifelong learning to grow intellectually and personally.

Welcome once again, and I wish all of you a fulfilling and empowering journey ahead as together we seek to build the vision to become one of the very best Centres of Education in Viet Nam.

With best wishes

Professor Robert P Greenwood


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