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Having registered with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education & Training since 2003, Kent International College (KENT) has enrolled over 2,500 students enrolled in the International Bachelor's Degree programs.
The 2+2 International Bachelor's Degree Program comprises a two-year phase in Vietnam and a two-year phase in Australia.

Tuition Fee

VND 456 million for 4 years.*
(calculated with current exchange rate)


Internationally recognised degree issued by our academic partner universities in the UK, licensed by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and recognised by international higher education quality assurance agencies as well as local and global universities..

Job Opportunities

Higher chance of finding employment opportunities thanks to recognisable degree and skills match.


For academic excellent students with GPA above 7.5.


Business Management

Bachelor of Business Management

This Business management degree is a flexible degree that allows you to develop broad business knowledge and skills required from professionals at the management level in various function within an organization: an understanding of key business disciplines and how they affect the business, the ability to gain insights into business problems from information, problem solving skills, the ability to effectively distribute resources to achieve set goals...

Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

This degree will provide students with a sound theoretical understanding, and practical operational skills required to strive in this vibrant and diverse industry. Students will gain valuable insights into different functions of hospitality establishments and develop managerial skills to succeed at the management level at major global restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts.


Nguyễn Trần Hồng Sang

Business Management Top Student - Full Scholarship from Kent Institute Australia.

Studying Business Management at Kent International College was one of wisest decision I have ever made regarding my future. Thanks to having solidifying my knowledge and skills, I was able to adapt quickly and perform well at work in Australia.

Nguyễn Duy Hải Linh

Marketing Alumni, PR-Manager at Mathnasium

Kent provided me a solid foundation to pursue my dream career. Students at Kent are inspired to develop an open, independent, constructive and creative mind.

Nhữ Thị Vân Anh

Marketing Alumni - Account Executive at Square Group.

Kent's highly practical curriculum and ‘Problem based learning’ method provided me a solid foundation to thrive in my professional career overseas.

Nguyễn Quốc Duy

Information Technology Alumni - Account Manager at VM-Media.

The wisest decision I have ever made is choosing an international-standard education that enabled me to pursue my dream.


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Sinh viên Kent chỉ mất 1 năm để lấy bằng cử nhân ĐH Cardiff...

Education News

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